Chairman Mr. M Sudhakar Reddy’s Speech on 3rd founder’s day

Most honored Chief Guest Dr.Malaka Reddy Our Guest of Honor Mr.Lokesh Kumar, Principal of the school, staff, students and their parents, Ladies and gentlemen.

This fledgeling institution which is yet to complete 3 years is still in its infancy. It is in good health, thanks to the paternal care given to it by the school management, staff and the parents of the children.

Before I go on full steam with my businessman ethics on education I take this opportunity to welcome Dr. Malaka Reddy, Ex Minister, and Karnataka and thank him for this belated acceptance of our invitation. In fact he had promised to be present at the inaugural ceremony of the school in 2017 but could not make it owing to some other preoccupations. He is a treasure house of knowledge and I am sure the words of wisdom coming out from him on this occasion, will be path finders of our children in their educational quest for excellence. Thank you, sir for being with us this evening.

I would also like to welcome Mr. Lokesh Kumar, our civil judge and Mrs. Kumar, for agreeing to be our Guest of Honour and for inaugurating the activity Exhibition Thank you sir for your benevolence. I also welcome the large number of parents and well-wishers of the school who have made it a common cause to brighten this occasion with their august presence this afternoon.

I have always felt that an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest and human mind is the best source that could be empowered with the access to quality education. Live, learn, love and progress-that is the motto of the school. Children grow in the image of those whom they love and therefore, we train them knowing fully well that education is only drawing out what is already in the student, while we try to provide a suitable environment for children to grow.

My request to the parents who have assembled here today is to ensure that they too provide a congenial atmosphere at home for their ward study, progress and imbibe the strength to face the challenges that may unfold in life.

Aryabhatta International Academy has the best infrastructural facilities available in this part of the country. Our teaching staff has been carefully picked and chosen and they periodically undergo refresher courses in educational technology. A very rich curriculum, The XSeed is transacted in Kindergarten to Grade V under strict supervision and thereafter the ICSE syllabus is followed. The nursery and the kindergarten classes are now operating from the city and the parents of the children have shown great approbation. At the same time, we also ensure that these children do not in any way feel alienated from the mainstream of Aryabhatta Life. They come to their parent school periodically and enjoy being here. Moreover, a couple of teachers from the school teach the kindergarten classes as well.

In order to accommodate the requests of many of the existing parents of the school and from some of the neighbouring cities, the school has now gone residential. A boarding house with an initial intake capacity of 160 students has been commissioned in the school. 50% of the hostellers are likely to be girls. It is hoped that this step would facilitate girl students to enjoy all the co-curricular activities of the school fully and receive quality education.

The principal will soon be reading his annual report from which the parents would have the knowledge about the activities of the school and the progress made by it during the last one year. Thanking you once again for your presence here this evening, I conclude. Jai hind.


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