Vision & Mission

Our Vision

The school has the vision of a future which will be guided by the wisdom of the seers and to serve the ever-increasing glory of India in a new world where relationships are governed by the spirit of universal fraternity.

Taking Life & Learning beyond the Classroom

Our Mission

To support a model high quality international level school offering a cost effective, multi-dimensional and challenging educational programme for the young minds of the country. The school will strive to prepare children who have courage and heroism to demand from themselves tireless labour and inner discipline directed towards self-control and selfmastery. The school will leave no stone unturned in providing facilities and opportunities to students to develop strong and healthy bodies, clear and wide minds, resolute will power and ever-widening horizons of knowledge and even wisdom. The institution is dedicated to serve the highest interests of nation building that can ensure vast synthesis of knowledge and harmonious perfection of the individual and the collectivity.