Secondary & Higher Secondary

Secondary & Higher Secondary School

Grades 9 to 12

Looking for Senior Secondary Schools in Karnataka ? Aryabhatta International Academy is know to provide students with best Secondary Education in Karnataka. We instruct the students to take a break between learnings after a few hours of studying since this time is essential to relax the minds of the children. Not only breaks but physical exercise and sound sleep strengthen the ability to retain information. Sleep is very crucial to boost the student’s memory. Sleep helps them to learn new information and pass the information to the long-term memory. Stresses and strains are too common at this stage, parental and peer pressures raising expectancy levels. Relaxation, games/ sports, outward bound school programme and entertainments are extremely useful in overcoming stress related problems.

Asking questions like why, how, what helps in learning concepts well because here the reasoning, thinking and analytical powers are involved. Anything which triggers our mental processors to action helps in learning the concepts faster and better. Finding answers to these questions makes memory work out, as all the mental processors are involved making the memory charged and active. We are best choice for ICSE Secondary School in Karnataka

Secondary Schools in Karnataka