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Aryabhatta International Academy

Schools in Yadgir

Aryabhatta International Academy, a novel educational enterprise, aims to fill up the vacuum created due to lack of facilities for quality English Medium education in and around Yadgir district. The school will eventually be affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination under the ICSE / ISC pattern of education which is considered to be the best Education Board in the country today, This will be the first ICSE, ISC syllabus school in Yadgir. Aryabhatta International Academy will cater to the need of the day as a topnotch English-medium higher secondary school that imparts quality all round education to the children of Yadgir and surrounding districts of Karnataka. Dedicated to the proposition under the directive principles of our Constitution which grants unqualified right of education to all children, a number of merit-cum-means based scholarships will be instituted in the school from time to time. Our Aim is to create leaders, winners and achievers in a globally competitive world – good human beings who will help integrate India with the rest of the world.

Visioning Dreams For A Glorious Tomorrow

Importance of A Good School

The first education minister of independent India, late Shri Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad had said, “a good school is a national asset of the highest value at any place or at any time. Schools are the laboratories where future citizens are moulded, their intellects chiselled and sharpened. The quality of the products coming out of them will depend on the quality of these institutions.” It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the education imparted in schools should be of the highest level of excellence. What we really need today is not just education, but more education; not that education with which one can buy a meal ticket, but one that caters to the wholesome, all-round development of the individual and the collectivity. To achieve this end, education imparted in schools should be student-centric, founded on the holistic conception of life and having in view the developmental aspects of a human being, viz. physical, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, artistic, moral, psychic and spiritual.