Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

Mr. Sudhakar Reddy

When we think of education, it weaves a simple picture in our minds of a student learning and a teacher teaching but education is not just enrichment of the educand’s intellectual capital. Education should be broad based, enduring and all-encompassing; it should cater to the harmonious development of the scholar’s all-round personality which is the sum total of his physical, intellectual, mental, psychic, aesthetic and spiritual traits. Our main thrust should be on skill management. At Aryabhatta International Academy (AlA), the stress will be on scholastic growth and character formation through the amalgamation of the old with the new, and while latest methods incorporating technologically advanced pedagogy will be employed, our own rich culture, heritage and values will be the vehicles for advancement. English language, which is a window to the world at large, will be the medium of instruction here.

There are several short comings in to-day’ s model of education, but we believe that it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness. Here is quality education made available to the potential scholars of Yadgir and its neighbourhood at affordable prices almost at your door step. A committed and accredited school management willing to strain every nerve with complete philanthropic urge, highly qualified and experienced faculty, both academic and administrative, most modern educational technology and other facilities for grooming, and above all, a reputed public school principal who has donned his life for the upbringing of children and for whom education is not just a vocation but a philosophy of life, are waiting with open arms to receive your wards to introduce them to a novel experience in quality education.

Years pass on but memories stay…
The Aryabhatta experience not only lives long in mind
But equips your child for a lifetime of comfort.

Importance of A Good School

The first education minister of independent India, late Shri Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad had said, “a good school is a national asset of the highest value at any place or at any time. Schools are the laboratories where future citizens are moulded, their intellects chiselled and sharpened. The quality of the products coming out of them will depend on the quality of these institutions.” It is, therefore, of paramount importance that the education imparted in schools should be of the highest level of excellence. What we really need today is not just education, but more education; not that education with which one can buy a meal ticket, but one that caters to the wholesome, all-round development of the individual and the collectivity. To achieve this end, education imparted in schools should be student-centric, founded on the holistic conception of life and having in view the developmental aspects of a human being, viz. physical, cognitive, emotional, interpersonal, artistic, moral, psychic and spiritual.