Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Mr. Aravindakshan. P.

Today there is a ferment in education. The latest move of transferring learning experiences and outcomes to the learners has necessitated a paradigm shift in the mode of delivering educational transactions. The web era has opened immense possibilities both for the educator and the educand, with ERP and LMS helping both teachers and students alike to empower themselves. Schools are today not so much about knowledge as it is preparing students to live in a fast changing world where access to knowledge and technologies to learn are ubiquitous. The five C’s– Collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and choice levels–will be the sure currency of this new kingdom of holistic learning.

The dawn of the 21st century has seen a technological revolution in teaching and learning. Keeping pace with changes is the need of the hour lest we should be swept away by the undercurrents of our own evolutionary appetite. We have no idea of the emerging world after the next ten years, or for that matter, even five years hence. That world the present day toddlers will we entering into is likely to be totally different; still we are supposed to be educating them to enter that world of blogs, wikis, collaborations and critical thinking. The unpredictability is, therefore, mind boggling and beyond the confines of our present thought horizon.

Let us now come down to earth. Traditional chalk and talk methods have almost lost their relevance. White boards–smart boards– that use touch detection for entering any field of accumulated knowledge, duly supported by soft wares of effective classroom management are the minimum need of the day. These empower teachers and students alike and have the power to create and enhance new proficiencies. World is today a global village where accessing information is just a ‘Click’ away. Mobile apps can grade and evaluate students while the entire world has shrunk into their palms and fingers. Under such a scenario, schools and institutions that deliver educational proficiencies have to upgrade their facilities to the optimum possible levels. It is here that ARYABHATTA INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY would be making a dent in its foray into education.

Technologically supported quality education has a price. But no price is high when it comes to the bright future of your precious possessions–your loving children — whom you want to see well in life. Parents, your children are cordially invited to share this unique educational experience available at Aryabhatta International Academy. It is in the confines of such institutions that the secure future of your children as also the destiny of the nation are shaped.