Aryabhatta International Academy, an ICSE Board Schools in Yadgir, Karnataka is committed to Academic Excellence & All-Round Development of your child. Our school is one of the best English Medium Schools in Karnataka imparting quality Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in Karnataka. If you are looking for a Residential school near Bangalore, Gulbarga, Raichur in Karnataka, then you are at the right place and feel free to contact us.

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We are one of the Best Nursery and Primary School in Karnataka, is known for laying a solid foundation of in your child’s academic life and help him/her achieve the aim.

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Grade 5 to 8

Our Middle School in Yadgir, Karnataka endeavors to promote the all-round development of children. We are best International School in Karnataka.

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Grades 9 to 12

Looking for admission in Secondary School in Karnataka ? Our extremely committed & talented faculty incorporate higher order thinking skills in teaching & learning.

Aryabhatta International Academy

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The Aryabhatta International Academy is an ICSE Affiliated School in Karnataka, bedecked with the bounties of nature and overlooking the old fort and Bhima river, an educational marvel has risen up, which the people of Yadgir endearingly call as Aryabhatta International Academy.

It is a dream come true to the people of this predominantly agriculture based rural city, where quality education to children is a far cry. Yadgir Educational Trust, a philanthropic body headed by Malipatel Sudhakar Reddy, acquired almost 11 acres of land beside the Yadgir-Kalburgiroad, at the 7th Km stone and constructed an educational complex comprising of state of the art academic and administrative buildings, games and sports fields and other ancillaries.In just one and a half year of its existence, the school has carved a niche for itself and is widely recognized by the discerning as a new venture to equip children with the skills required to live and work in the twenty first century.

What Aryabhatta International Academy Offers

This is the first ICSE school in Yadgir, Karnataka. We have an extremely well committed, qualified and experienced faculty that burns the candle at both ends, constantly striving to make learning a pleasurable experience to children. Their professional skills undergo incessant upgradation through well planned in-house training and workshops/orientation programme conducted under the enrichment sessions held by experts in the field of education. Curriculum construction, subject enhancement and stress management are also attempted in such workshops.

We have recruited the best teachers available in the market so that all activities go smoothly and the children or their parents would not have to face any difficulty in school related matters.

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