Principal’s Report on 3rd Founder’s Day

Much water has flown down the bridges since I presented my report before you in January last year. The school has made considerable progress since then both on the academic and co- curricular fronts and I have only good things to report at a time when the media has only chaos, confrontations and crisis to report every day.

Aryabhatta International Academy is now a Council affiliate and the first batch of our students will appear at the ICSE (after Grade X) examination of the Council for the ISCE in March 2021.

The year we left behind witnessed a few academic changes and infrastructural improvement. From June this year Xseed, a research oriented academic institution that has a good following all over Asia and the Far East and has presently 8000 schools and 10 lakh students under its banner, came to us with an enriched curriculum that we now follow in kindergarten to Grade V. The syllabus, teacher training and assessment procedures have undergone a sea change. The results are encouraging and the school is likely to continue with their association for another year starting from the session 2020-21. The children have responded well and there has been improvement in pedagogy. It has helped to improve the standards of spoken English as well.

It was felt that the school situated 8-9 km. away from the city posed commuting problems to the nursery and KG students of the age group 2 and half to 4 and half years. Consequently, the school management constructed new buildings in the heart of the city on Hyderabad road to house the nursery and the Montessori sections and it was well received by many. ‘Aryabhatta Kids’, as it is called after its rechristening, is doing considerably well with its augmented infrastructural facilities, new training equipment, smart class and play way methods. Trained and experienced teachers and a headmistress to supervise and look after the welfare of the children have given the new set up a greater credibility. At least once a month, normally on Saturdays the children have a full day rendezvous to their parent school here so they do not feel alienated any way. Some of the major functions for example, the ‘Founder’s Day’ are celebrated together with their seniors to give them a feeling of cohesion and dignity. In matters of administration the two wings make one composite unit, with complete uniformity pervading the philosophy of education and growth.

Again, there have been several representations from parents of the existing students and those of the adjoining districts of Yadgir to make the quality education given in the school available to the wards in its entirety, by providing boarding facilities. The school management, after considering the matter in all its aspects has constructed an imposing residential wing in the campus, with facilities to accommodate 180 students at the first instance – 50% of them being girls. It is felt that in a place like Yadgir, this will be good step to stop girl dropouts. Parents will have an opportunity to see for themselves the boarding house complex and the facilities available there during the twenty minutes of interval after the speeches and prize distribution, before we embark upon the cultural programme.

Admissions to the boarding house have already started and it is expected to gain momentum by March this year. Day boarding facilities will also be made available, the scholars spending 12-13 hours in the school, in which case, their physical exercise, games and supervised study will be covered in the school. The modalities of the said arrangement are being worked out in detail. A mini residential wing is already functioning in the school and from all reports available, the boarders and in turn their parents are quite happy with the arrangement.

The school today has 320 students on roll from Nursery to Grade 9. 20 full time and 3 part time teachers guide their destiny, with a student teacher ratio of 15:1 which is the lowest and most ideal one, and is among the best public schools in the state.

Since the board exams (ICSE and ISC) are held in February-March every year, the academic sessions for grades 8, 9 and 10 will be redesigned to February- March from June to May as practiced at present. Again from the coming year 2021, the entire school, right from nursery to grade X will have only one school session i.e. March to February. The four terms of the year will be recast accordingly.

Aryabhatta International Academy is much eulogized for the co-curricular activities it offers to students for their all-round harmonious grooming. 16 activities are practiced at present which include Art and Craft, Music, games and physical education, scientific gadgets, home science, Yoga and Karate, Debate and Declamations, Quiz, Paper work, gardening, instrumental music, Basketry, Dances Indian and western and Library Science.

Parents have had the opportunity to see the outcome from some of the activities at the exhibition put up on this occasion.
In order to foster healthy competitive spirit in children, the students have been allotted four Houses and all competitions, academic and co-curricular, are held on house basis and most prizes are awarded to Houses. To succeed in the 21st century and beyond, cooperation and collaboration are essential requisites and the House system promotes them.

We would like every child to become a good leader, and to bring out the dormant leadership qualities in them and also make them self-dependent, 14 societies have been introduced in the school. They function mainly through student participation, teachers acting purely as facilitators or observers. Saturday mornings are profitably employed for holding societies. Our future elocutionists, debaters, and leaders would emerge out of these societies. Creative writing, public speaking and management are the key areas covered by the societies.

To pay special attention to weak students and bring them at par with others, the school has organized special coaching classes in the evening from Monday through Friday from 6-8 pm. for grades V to IX in the city at Aryabhatta Kids. From the reaction of the students which is a measure of the parents as well I must say that the said arrangement has worked out well and has become popular. Children have shown considerable improvement as a result of attending these classes.

Games and sports flourish here, We have a near Olympic size soccer field and have introduced all major games in the school and these are played seasonally. An indoor games pavilion is also commissioned where children receive training in table tennis, Carroms, Chess and draughts. Starting a cricket academy that functions on holidays is on the arrival. Cricket is the favourite game of the students and is very popular with the hostellers. Inter-House matches in all games are held to promote the spirit of competition and to excel in games.

Physical training, Yoga and Karate are curricular activities here and are practised every day with full vigour.

Besides the Annual Athletics Meet, the school celebrated Independence Day, Teacher’s day, Gandhi Jayanti, childrens’ day, Kanakadas Jayanti, Kalyan Karnataka, Christmas and Republic Day this year. Cultural programme put up by the students on these occasions marked high standards of excellence.

Outward bound school programme are taken up periodically to give children first-hand knowledge of the flora and fauna, industries, our heritage, monuments and culture. A group of 48 students went on a week-long excursion to vizag recently. From all accounts it was a very informative and enjoyable one and there were flattering remarks from the students and their parents.

All this sounds well. It was possible to have smooth sailing all through only because of the sincere work put in by the teachers and admin staff of the school and the cooperation of the parents. My requirements from them have often been exacting but they had come forward to share responsibilities willingly, voluntarily and with the spirit of cooperation, keeping the welfare of the students and the school uppermost in their minds. Mr. Arvind Reddy has all through held the reins of administration efficiently and relieved me of much burden which was otherwise heavy on my old shoulders. I thank him whole-heartedly for his ministrations that helped me in my endeavor to serve the students better.

I shall be failing in my duty if I did not express my heartfelt thanks to the members of the Founding Family who have been inspirational in whatever we have achieved, for their continued help and guidance and support particularly to the chairman, Mr. Sudhakar Reddy, who reposed complete faith in me and filled gaps in my omissions.

Mr. Basi Reddy, is one to whom we always turn up for assistance, has done that extra mile to ensure smooth conduct of the school and this function.

Mr. Venkat Reddy, The grand old man of the founding family who watches us from a distance and gives us suggestions at appropriate time is our greatest benefactor.

My thanks are due to all of them. I sincerely thank the media and the District Administration for all the help received from them. Thank you very much indeed.


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