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Looking for the best CBSE Boarding Schools?

Right from the time a child starts his or her academics, choosing the board of education can be dilemma and a prime concern for parents. Choosing a board such as CBSE boarding schools or ICSE boarding schools can make a significant difference in the early stages of the child and his/her exposure to the kind of education we are having.

In India we have two recognised boards of education, namely:

  • CBSE
  • ICSE

The education system in India has been split into primary, secondary and senior secondary levels. The question that arises is:

  • Which is the best choice for the child?
  • How to choose the right board?

The important note is that the two boards are very diverse and hence cannot be clubbed together. Let us see the two boards and then can choose the right board for your child.

CBSE schools are broadly classified into two categories boarding schools and residential schools.

Most of homes now-a-days are nuclear families and in majority of cases both parents are working possessing severe challenges in allotting time and attention to their children when needed. In such a scenario, it’s better to admit your child in a boarding school.

CBSE Boarding Schools For Girls/Boys:

Making a decision to send their children to CBSE boarding schools for girls/boys can be very hard for parents initially. But the benefits in the long term are sure to make a profound impact on the children’s career.

Residing in a CBSE boarding school can help children to develop, flourish and also to become responsible when they are staying away from their home.

There are number of boarding schools, where a child can stay and pursue his or her studies. So choosing the right one for your children can be a bit tough for the parents.

A boarding school can be a good choice to parents who cannot devote much time to the child or are living in an area that is not conducive to bringing up a child.

Advantages of Boarding schools:

  • All children get equal attention and get same benefits and follow the same lifestyle.
  • Child gets maximum attention to overall development of a student and this starts with inculcating discipline to follow daily routine and rules.
  • Child gets a well-balanced daily routine in academics, sports and other co-curricular activities.
  • All the students get full time interaction with the teachers and a close bonding is developed between students and teachers.
  • Each student is taught to be independent and take care of his/her own needs.

CBSE Residential Schools

There are many best CBSE residential schools in India following CBSE curriculum. We at Aryabhatta stress upon the academic excellence and all round development of the child to create a global citizen with Indian values.

Our educational standards are quite high and it helps the child to know the real importance of life. The students from high school are more disciplined and never throw tantrums like most children of their age do.

Day Boarding Schools

Boarding schools have their own manifest in different ways. One of the reason sending their child to day boarding schools is to develop wider horizons than their family can provide.

Boarding schools doesn’t allow their students to venture out of the school albeit vacations. Parents often admit the situation but have no other option though it is stressful.

Students are somewhat restricted from their families as they remain in the school for eight to nine months of the year.

Now-a-days the trend is shifting towards the day boarding school. Some schools are providing this facility which is respite for working parents.

ICSE Boarding Schools

ICSE stands for Indian certificate of secondary education, which is similar to the AISSE conducted by CBSE. ICSE Boarding Schools existed by the name ICGSE during the British regime are now taken over by the Anglo Indian Board which is governed by the ‘Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations’. There were a lot of structures that are taken from the NCERT by ICSE.

It is now the toughest board examination at Grade 10. ISC (Class XII) is very difficult to crack and it is also owing to its extremely detailed syllabus.